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Flight: CAL061
Pilot: Volleyball Liu Pirep ID: 10096
Flight Num: CAL061 Date: 23/11/2017
Airplane: PMDG 747-409 China Airlines (B-18201 | 2016) (B-18201) Flight Time: 13:22 Hrs
Departure: RCTP- Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport Gross 0
Arrival: EDDF- Frankfurt am Main International Airport Flight Type Passenger
Status: ACCEPTED Distance 5063 NM
N0510F310 NP2M MOLKA M750 MOMPA Y451 HKC Y45 OOITA Y40 MYE Y33 KTE V38 KMC V30 GTC/N0495F320 R211 KADBO/N0493F330 R211 AVGOK/K0912F320 R211 HAB A333 IVADA B152 ARELI B953 MOLOD/K0883F340 B953 RIMAG A333 MOREN/K0884F360 A333 LADOG/K0900F380 A333 BALEK/K0569F400 A333 AGAMO/N0329F400 N866 AGIVU/N0353F400 N624 EKNID/N0485F400 N624 KOSKA L990 KOTAM DCT SALLO/N0481F380 DCT HLZ/N0478F370 T157 KERAX

Initial Fuel: 158674 Kg T/O Fuel: 157736 Kg Used In Flight: 141429 Kg
Final Fuel: 15569 Kg T/D Fuel: 16307 Kg Total Used: 143105 Kg

OverSpeed Check: OK Simrate Check: OK Taxi Speed Check: OK
Refuel Check: OK Slew Check: OK Stall Check: OK
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